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Boating Family of the Year

Past Commodore PC Kelly Lynn & Fleet Captain Kelly Bob Frasure 2016





Carling Yacht Club's "Boating family of the Year" is determined at the end of each year.

All members (with the exception of line officers) receive points throughout the year for chairing or participating in the various club activities.  These points are then totaled at the end of

the December board meeting by the Line Officer's partners.  The family with the most points

is then presented with this award at the Awards Banquet.


Past Boating Families of the Year


               Party Family (Boat) Of The Year
                                                           No Party Boat for 2015

Mystery Boat of the Year 2015


Hilary & Lynn / Lucky Finn II



Carling Yacht Club's "Mystery Boat of the Year" is selected annually by the Commodore.

The determining factors are being recognized as performing outstanding service to the Club

by both using your vessel to further the interests of the Club and the family aboard actively

participating in cruising.


Past Mystery Boats


                        Awards that are perpetual

Along with the more "prestigious" awards above, Carling also has three other awards.  They are (not in order of importance), the STIFF ROPE AWARD.

To be eligible for the stiff rope, a member must be on board and in command of his primary vessel when he receives a tow to reach a suitable moorage.

Stiff Rope

Mr. Kelly Frasure Feb 2010

THE DUCK AWARD goes to a member who enters the water unaided and unintentionally.  Substantial wetness must be involved and members can receive the DUCK on any day of the year, on or off Club functions.


Duck Award

Tiger Lilly Grenvile/ Tallman 2016


The last, but not least, is the DING-A-LING AWARD.  To receive the DING-A-LING AWARD, a member must do something "ding-a-lingy".


Cindy Hanson 2016



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