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   Officers 2019

      Carling Yacht Club




      Commodore:          Ellen Parks           


      Vice Commodore:

       Mike Ireland            

     Rear Commodore:      Mark Feuerborn                     
      Secretary:    Kelly Frasure               


     Treasurer:  Kari Taylor                                     



 Jr. Past Commodore:

    Cindy Hanson                                  



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Board Members

      1 Year Board Member:         Kelly Bob Frasure         

       2 Year Board Member:  PC Steve Carey                   


      2 Year Board Member:

     Jackie Ireland                           





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      Membership:  Ed Howell                    

    Financial Property Manager:

      Editor:   PC Pam Clark             
      Fishing Report:

   Dan Nichols              

    Phone Committee: Sharon Jobin                               

      Parliamentarian:   PC Gary Regan          





 Pam Clark                  



      Photographer:   Helen Feuerborn


Cindy Hanson              



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