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Carling Yacht Club


2708 211th Ave E


Lake Tapps Wa 98391  


Dear reciprocating club members,

We are pleased to extend reciprocal moorage to you and your membership for the upcoming 2017 cruising year. These privileges will be valid until revoked. We are offering reciprocal moorage located at the Longbranch Marina. It is located approximately 18 miles from Purdy going south on the Key Peninsula Hwy in Long branch WA. A reciprocal visitor shall be reimbursed for up to two days of consecutive moorage, excluding power. Visitors are limited to one visit per member per year for a total of 80 per week on a first come first served basis.

Our club policy requires that the guest pay the Harbormaster directly and after the stay, submit a claim for reimbursement along with a copy of your moorage receipt and a copy of your current club membership card. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the visit. Submit claims to Carling Yacht Club, 2708 211th Ave E Lake Tapps Wa 98391, and Attention: Treasurer.

If you have any questions regarding reciprocal moorage, please contact PC Steve Carey @ 253-740-0842 or email

***** PLEASE NOTE that Longbranch Marina does not accept reservations for reciprocal moorage and rafting is mandatory. ******************************

We wish you a safe and pleasant cruising year and hope to see you on the water.

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Revised: 02/10/19